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Uploads most only while downloading this torrent


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Haven't managed to found smth on search...

Actually the problem is while i download torrent my uploads are the same or eveh higher.

But as soon I've finished to download it starts to upload very slow.

The problem is not in speed settings as i bleive (made all steps from speed guide, etc) and defenetely not in seeds/leeches ratio (85/1200) for 44 gb torrent.

Version is 2.0.1. Beta

Share link or your experience plz.

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Ok. Did it even before. Repeated just now.

1.Restart and speed guide were passed.

2.Statuses in speed test are green

3.torrents from OpenOffice and Ubuntu downloads perfectly but upload is small (due to number of leachers i believe. It's almost equal number of seeds so i cant expect a lot of leachers connected to me and thus high upload speed. But other torrents has about 1/100 this ratio and still no leachers to me with full download)

4.Protocol encryption enambled incoming allowed.

5.tried disable dtcp_ratecontrol. no changes. no it is disabled.

6.tried various utp settings - no changes. now 5.

7.lazy is enabled

8.glasnost says for all 6 points (2 tests for 3 ports) that everything is ok and ISP doesn't throttle.

Other additional information

1.Portchecker says port is open (it wasn't before but since i turned off routers firewall it became okay)

2. Now settings in speed guide are unlimited (for that couple 10/1500 torrents but there was the same situation when i set up my 10/mbit settings)

3.net maxhalfopen 400 (btw what does it mean?)

4.OS win 7

5.AV - ESET NOD32 4.0 - utorrent excluded from checking and instlaled free firewall rules for it.

6.Router - dlink dir-300 but firmware were mopdified to asus w500gl

7. ISP - Interzet. Russia

8.Setup guide shows me my 10/10 mb connection

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