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Label and move to dir!


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Tried to search the utorrent forum but didn't really found what i was looking for, but if someone is a better searcher then me, please tell me! :-)

What I would like is the possibility to label a torrent, for example "Linux ISO" and then when it is finished have a directory related to that Label. For example Z:/LinuxISO/. I know that i can make a dir name with the label in it, but i want to do as much as possible automated. For example if harddrive A got linux ISOS and the B harddrive got game demos, I want them to go to the right dir.

The flow as follows.

Utorrent -> Main Harddrive -> Linux ISO (Harddrive A) on server -> Game Demos (Harddrive B).

One solution to this problem is to have a 3rd party program that copies files from <utorrentdonwloaddir>/LinuxISO/ to Z:/LinuxISO/ but what I want is a solution that goes something like this.

When finished with download copy label to:

ISOlinux - Please enter dir [Z:/LinuxISO/]

Game Demos - Please enter dir [Y:/Game Demos/

Like a dialog or something. But i guess none gets me. :P I can try to explain more if someone is interested.

Do you know a program that copies from dir to another auto? Please tell me.

Does utorrent got this feature but I totally missed it? Please tell me.

Have a nice day! :)

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Been searching for the same.

i posted this thead, http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=58608#p58608

And i learned about labels, and in the Prefrences one could check the "Append the torrent's label to the dirctory"

Cant get it to work :(


If i label a torrent to TV-Shows and set download location to X:\TEMP


Move completed download to: X:\

And check...

[X] - Only move from defult download directory

[X] - Append the torrent's label to directory name


Is this right? Would the finnish file move X:\TV-Shows ? Cant get it to work :/

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