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"Remaining" column options in main window and tabs


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Firstly, thank you for your attentiveness to feature requests. That is part of what makes this program so great.

Onto my request:

1. In the main area, a "Remaining" column displaying the remaining file size would be nice. I currently have Size next to Completed, but it would be nice to not have to do quick math. Additionally, when the torrent is nearing completion this would provide a more accurate display for large torrents since it would drop from GB to MB to KB as the remaining size decreases.

2. Under the Pieces tab, once again a "Remaining" column would be nice, however this would be in blocks rather than bytes.

3. Under the Files tab, two "Remaining" columns would be useful. One for remaining pieces, the other for remaining bytes.

I assume it would not be difficult to implement these, nor would it affect the file size/cpu/ram noticeably and since column options can be checked and unchecked, I don't see other users having a problem with this either.

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