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Problems with slow upload speed


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I have a seedbox in a gbit server that I use in some trackers.

In that trackers I have an automatic irc script that gets the torrents as they are released, but the problem is that though the download speed is really high the upload speed really sucks at the beginning.

Someone could tell me what could I do so the upload speed is max out at the beginning (allowing me to get a good ratio) and not at the end?

Thanks in advance

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if uTorrent has disk overloads, there's only so much you can do...like getting a faster (or more) hard drive.

If the problem's something intrinsic about the server, you probably aren't allowed to change that anyway. :(

You could try making uTorrent's disk cache larger and getting uTorrent to always use it, but in any case even that can't be above ~1500-1800 MB ram. At 1 gbit/sec speeds, that's only buffering up ~15-30 seconds worth.

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