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From over 4MB/s speeds to 30KB /s


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Hello everyone,

First off i'd like to start by saying i've followed all the instructions on the stickies, went through all the guides but, unfortunately, to no success.

Like the topic says, i used to have speeds around 4 /5 MB/s , and now, i never go over 30KB/s .

My upload used to be >300KB/s , now it's under 2KB/s.

I have a 50mb/s connection.

What i have tried so far :

- Remade all the firewall rules both on my modem/router FW and my OS firewall (Win7)

-- Turned off Both Firewalls

- Changed ports

- Used guides suggested settings

--Followed this forums guides

- Perfomed the Glasnot test to see if my ISP is capping my torrents ( http://broadband.mpi-sws.org/transparency/bttest.php ) . It wasn't (although i'm still not convinced).

- Performed a speed test to see if my connection was the problem (it was not). Here are the results:


- Performed a factory reset on my modem/router .

Some interesting facts about this "new problem" is that i can no longer use "Setup Guide".

No matter what server i choose, i always get the message :

"Data send error: A local networking problem closed the connection. (10053)" .

Having realized this, i googled this error and found a number of people who had this problem. I tried all the suggestions but to no luck.

My current connection settings are as followed :


That's about all the relevant data i can think about atm.

I apreciate any and all help in advance.

Best regards to all ;)

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Disable in uTorrent:

UPnP, NAT-PMP (under Preferences, Connection)

DHT (both kinds), Local Peer Discovery, Bandwidth Management (under Preferences, BitTorrent)

In the PEERS window/tab of a torrent, right-click in the window and disable Resolve IPs.

Close/exit and restart uTorrent to clear out uTP connections.

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Hi, and ty for your reply.

I tried all your suggestions and the result is the same .

I did, however, check out my ISP forum area and, to my surprise, it's been flooded with complaints for angry costumers who have the *exact* same problem as me.

I'll keep trying to look for a way around this but i'm sorta losing hope now that i know my ISP is using traffic shapping.

If i find something i'll post here.

Cheers ;)

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Thx again for your reply,

I actually tried the proxy solution but truth be told, those speeds are nothing special compared to what i used to get.

However, your post does contain the "answer" to this (It's more of a temporary solution , i hope lol)

DON'T run uTorrent during peak evening hours!

That's typically from ~5 PM to ~11 PM -- more people are home from work/school and they often all try to get on the internet at once...overloading the ISP's limited bandwidth.

You can use uTorrent's Scheduler to run during odd hours -- such as starting at midnight at Limited speeds (like download max of 30 KB/sec and upload max of 3 KB/sec), turning off at 1 AM, switching to seed-only mode at 2 AM, off at 3 AM, switching to full speed at 4 AM, etc...

I manage to figure out that during a specific time table my ISP disables traffic shapping! (from 2am to 9am ) . During this time window my speeds are just like the old days - 4Mb/s ++ .

I've contacted my ISP and they deny all Traffic Shapping related activities , they simply answer me saying my p2p speeds are slow due to some factor unrelated to their services (yet,like magic comes 2AM and all is well).

I've been trying to figure out if this actually is legal in my country but so far i got nothing.

I guess, for now, my hands are tied. I will consider a ISP change in the near future.

Any change to my situation (or if i manage to find a workaround) i will post here.

Ty for the help Switeck :)

Cheers all.

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Fangpt, so I guess you´re Portuguese.

I´m having the same problem with NetCabo ZON.

That´s really messed up that they throttle the download speeds.

But as far as I could read you allready talked to them and they said it´s not their fault, right ?

Anyway, it´s nice to know that there are ppl with the same problem as I.


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