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webui problems


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i have been using utorrent for years now (1.6.1). on my old machine (the hdd broke down :( ) i had functioning webui set up.

now i've bought a new notebook and i've tried setting it up again. sadly unsuccessful. as mentioned above, i use utorrent version 1.6.1 (build 490) and none of the webui packages on this forum seems to work for me somehow.

back in the day i would just rename the downloaded zip to webui.zip and move it into the users/username/appdata/utorrent directory, set up a password and voila.. but now i only get a broken interface that doesn't work.

any advice on what i did wrong (using ff 3.6 btw)

see the screenshot below:


btw. i realize the screenshot is from sware iron but it's exactly the same in firefox..

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