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Insufficient resources


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  • 2 weeks later...

Got something like this three times already. I'm going to switch my uTorrent to english and when an eroor occures next time i will post a full screenshot if needed.

The log says:

[2010-03-31 21:37:13] IO Error:1450 line:426 align:1 pos:51396608 count:16384 actual:-99

[2010-03-31 21:37:13] IO Error:1450 line:689 align:512 pos:51396608 count:16384 actual:0

[2010-03-31 21:37:54] IO Error:1450 line:426 align:1 pos:5348822777 count:16384 actual:-99

[2010-03-31 21:37:54] IO Error:1450 line:689 align:512 pos:5348822777 count:16384 actual:0

[2010-03-31 21:40:02] IO Error:1450 line:426 align:1 pos:3002466304 count:16384 actual:-99

[2010-03-31 21:40:02] IO Error:1450 line:689 align:512 pos:3002466304 count:16384 actual:0

And three of my torrents had stopped with the message like: not enough system resources to complete operation.

ps: uT 2.0.1b18833. Happened before with previous build and with 2.0(i think).

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No, i'm not using any resident antiviruses now. I did system check with CureIT and AVZ. Nothing was found. No new or unknown processes in the system. Stopped torrents are on different physical drives. No high CPU or mem usage by the utorrent or other programs. No events in the event viewer.

Also there is two more of them now:

[2010-03-31 23:19:19] IO Error:1450 line:426 align:1 pos:18219008 count:131072 actual:-99

[2010-03-31 23:19:19] IO Error:1450 line:689 align:512 pos:18219008 count:131072 actual:0

[2010-03-31 23:58:04] IO Error:1450 line:426 align:1 pos:4790419456 count:131072 actual:-99

[2010-03-31 23:58:04] IO Error:1450 line:689 align:512 pos:4790419456 count:131072 actual:0

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Oops. It's like something died in the system. Accidentally tried to run WC3 and it crashed like never before even before start. I'm now suspicious of Catalyst 10.2 that i installed nearly the same time the problem appered.

Dunno how can the video driver be connected with utorrent behavior, but i better try to update to the latest 10.3 for now, and see if this happens again.

Must mention that the failuring torrents seems like the same ones every time.

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