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Speed limited for all peers?


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Hi, I'm having some issues with slow download speeds. I've already used the speed guide to get optimum settings, I've turned off UPnP, NAT-PMP, DHT, limited global connections, set bt.connect_speed to 4, and set net.max_halfopen to 4, none of this helped. What's happening is that when I add a torrent, it will either start at it's normal fast speed (I use private trackers so this tends to be anywhere from 350 kbps to 1.5 mbps) and then will quickly drop to about 5kbps, or it will start out already down to around 5kbps. When I check under the Peers tab, what's happening is that all of the peers I'm connected to are limited to about 1 kbps DL speed, and they're all exactly the same. Essentially, it looks like for some reason the DL speed from all peers is limited to the same low amount. Occasionally, I can fix this by restarting utorrent, but usually it drops right back down to the low speed. Also occasionally, it will jump back up to max speed for a couple of minutes, and then will drop back down.

For a router, I'm using a Netgear wnr3500v2 with a wired ethernet connection to my computer, and I'm using utorrent version 1.8.2 because one of the private trackers I use doesn't support newer versions of utorrent.

I'm wondering if one possibility is that I'm having trouble with my Router's IP tables getting flooded, although I by no means know that this is the problem for sure. If this is the case does anyone know how to fix it on this router? If not, anyone have any other ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!

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I don't have a router like he does. I have dialup and utorrent 2.0. on this computer, and dialup and 1.85 on another computer. they both have the exact same problem this guy does. and there's more to it.

windows task manager 'networking utilization' graph shows full download speed of 48 kbps;

utorrent 'speed' tab shows full speed of 5 kBs (same thing as 48 kbps);

but 'download speed' of a download listed in the main window is barely half of that. 2.2 kBs. and it is correct, it takes 7 minutes to download 1 Mb.

where is the extra bandwidth going? when I stop the downloads there isn't anything else from some other program downloading anything.

peers are anywhere from 0.1 to 0.9 kbs. not all the same speed. they do add up to the total d/l speed of 2.2 kBs. they do ramp up and down like he described, but not to max speed.

I did what you said, and unchecked 'resolve ip's'. immediately it looked like the peers were going to full speed and so was the download speed. but after a few seconds it went back the way it was.

what could be the problem?

-------------------------(forum won't let me post after my own post)----------------------------------

I did some troubleshooting, unchecked boxes in options/preferences/Connection and /BitTorrent.

in /Connection, 'enable UPnP port mapping' and 'enable NAT-PMP port mapping' wasn't it.

in /BitTorrent, unchecking 'enable DHT network' and 'enable DHT for new torrents' did it. the others weren't it.

didn't have to restart bittorrent. uncheck the boxes and wait at least 20 seconds to have an effect. the longer you wait the better it gets. when they are checked, there is something uploading, but nothing the peers are requesting. it must be bogging down the download speed.

here is the graph from windows task manager "networking utilization'. the left part starts a minute or so after I unchecked the boxes. to the right you can see where I checked the boxes and hit 'apply'.

yellow is downloading, red is uploading


the red goes on to ramp up and down. I can't say this extra uploading "is" the problem, but it's there when the problem is there.

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With dial-up, you should disable some features in uTorrent:

UPnP, NAT-PMP, DHT, Resolve IPs, and probably even uTP.

(Hopefully Teredo/IPv6 isn't active in windows, as that alone can clobber a 56k modem!)

Max connections should be 10 or less, since you can only get ~5-6 KB/sec down.

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