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Any fix for the lost file association problem?


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Periodically, I find that the *.torrent file extension becomes no longer associated with uTorrent. Then, when I attempt to download content from a torrent site, instead of the click on "Open" option I get click on "Find."

I have no other bittorrent client app installed. Restoring my PC to an earlier date does not solve the problem. Uninstalling uTorrent, deleting all uTorrent footprints in the registry, and then reinstalling the program also fails to solve the problem. The only way I can get uTorrent to work again on my PC is to rebuild my HDD (fortunately I have a backup image saved on a USB drive). Evidently the uTorrent settings cannot be uninstalled, even by purging te registry: they are hidden somewhere, which is worrisome.

Has anybody found a solution to this problem?

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