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Error Handling


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OK, so I know some stuff like this has been said before but I think i have enough extra to warrant a thread.

Background: Get "Insufficient resources" error all the time I guess caused by having a lot of torrents loaded all the time and my anti virus (that seems to be getting blamed for this problem in all the threads I have read). I use Symantec by the way.

Now as far as I know their are no solid ways to fix this issue completely, have tried some suggestions.

and their is no way to change the error handling to just ignore/retry in X seconds.

Now I was wondering if their was any unmentioned (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=53988) command line options or anything short of automatically controlling the mouse that I could build into a script that would reset/start/anything the torrents.

I do not even care If the whole program has to be reset, just anything that will trigger uTorrent to recheck the stopped torrents.

Just a thought, Not very knowledgeable at the web programming side, but maybe their would be a way to use the Wed UI to automatically do this.

Like find out the commands the browser sends to uTorrent and have some custom made program open up a connection and send them?

Or maybe just some advanced settings I can changes that while not designed for this exact situation will have the desired effect?

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