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Having strange issues with utorrent regarding speed, seeding, etc.


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I have been looking around on these forums for some help with seeding, I started following some of the settings guides I found here, not having much success with anything I've tried so far.

I have added firewall exceptions both inbound and outbound as suggested by settings guides posted here. I have my ports forwarded properly, but for some reason the green icon keeps changing to the yellow triangle and back to green over small periods of time.

During the time that icon is green, my upload speed is only around 46kbs per the utorrent speed guide. It has also suggested 260 global connections, and 80 upload connections, with 4 max upload slots. I have changed some of these settings per the settings guides I have found on this site.

I realize most of my seeding issues probably lie in the swarm, but I have tried to improve my chances as much as possible. For example, one torrent has over 90 peers, and around 200 seeders. I have tried to disable DHT, to no avail, so I re-enable it. Nothing much really changes. I have only managed to upload about 7mb after about two and a half hours of seeding. Could this be because the peer clients prefer others bandwidth over mine?

I did the Glasnost test, and it tells me that my ISP is not throttling my bit torrent traffic, thought my ISP is listed as one that does. The information it gave me says that my upload achieved a max of 330kps, while downloads achieved a max of 4613kps. This was the nearly the same on a known port as an unknown port, for bit torrent and TCP traffic as well.

At this point, I'm pretty much confounded about everything.. I thought I had a good setup going, and my head is starting to hurt trying to figure this thing out..

Is there any advice anyone could share that might help me fix some of these issues?

I would really appreciate any input anyone has.

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