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uTorrent 2.0 saved my ratio!


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Before uTorrent 2.0, every time I uploaded something to a private tracker I would get a ratio of no more than 1.05:1 before the first leechers completed the download; now that many people are using uTorrent 2.0 I see that my ratio on private trackers is improving a lot, because on every new upload I am getting a ratio of above 1.33:1... and even more when the swarm contains a high percentage of uT 2.0 peers.

This is probably due to uTorrent 2.0 unintentionally preferring connections to other uTorrent 2.0 clients (as stated by the uT development team in a few threads here), and since quite a few of my leechers are on other versions of uT or other clients, while the uT 2.0 peers "talk amongst themselves" I, as the sole seeder, have to send data to the other peers who otherwise would be getting their fair share from those uT 2.0 peers who are now too busy chatting to themselves.

Even when a few uT 2.0 peers have already completed the download, I still stay at top upload speed for hours, sending data to the non-uT 2.0 peers who are not getting any from the uT 2.0 seeds.

Of course, I get this unintentional "ratio benefit" because I'm NOT using uT, else I would be subject to the same unintentional peer preference built-in to uT 2.0.

So, thanks to this development, and thanks to using a different BT client, I am reaping some benefits from the situation.

I'm a happy camper now.

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