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How do ratios work?


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Sorry for the noob question.

Where I live, I have a low monthly data cap, which includes uploads as well as downloads, so keeping my ratio as low as possible saves me a lot of money.

I notice that most of the time, I'm not able to download any faster than I am uploading. Is this a limit that utorrent itself enforces? If so, is the limited download speed based on the amount of data uploaded across all torrents or what? (Someone I know reckons that because he has a ratio of 10:1 on a particular small unpolular torrent, that he'll get better download speeds on all torrents...that can't be right can it?)

I get really frustrated when 1 peer arrives on a torrent that's short of peers/seeds, and they upload to me at 0.1kB/s while downloading from me at 5-10 kB/s...I really want to know how they're able to do that?

edit: Or is there any way I can just block those jerks?

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