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D-link Dual Wan Router. Model LB604


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Hi, i like to inform that i finally succeeds maximized my Dual Wan bandwidths,

Currently i have 2 NIC attached to my computer with different ISP,so both NIC have its own external IP.

here my configuration

NIC 1 internal IP is with external IP lets say xxx.xxx.xxx (Fast Connection)

NIC 2 internal IP is with external IP aaa.aaa.aaa (Slow Conncection)

at first try i filled



net.outgoing_port 0

net.outgoing_max_port 0

i use TCP View program from sysinternal to monitor connection

the results was utorrent still using only 1 IP ( for its uploads and downloads (the fastest connection), so i try different configuration,

i try this configuration



net.outgoing_port 0

net.outgoing_max_port 0

IP/Hostname to report to tracker aaa.aaa.aaa.aaa <<< its the second external IP

the result is, utorrent using for SYN_SENT (the fastest connection) and the tracker received that i`m using another IP wich is aaa.aaa.aaa.aaa (my second external IP)

and suddenly utorrent receive many incoming connection (SYN_RCVD) from the second NIC and start established connection and begin to upload and download from it.

so my conclusion is , its need to manually inform the tracker and other torrent user that i using another IP address, wich can be done using option "IP/Hostname to report to tracker", for tracker who ingnored, just change option "net.outgoing_ip" use the other IP and manually "Update Tracker" so tracker will received your other IP for the same torrent that you currently active, so the other user will try to connect to both of your IP.

i hope its help for other who have same problem about maximized Dual WAN IP, its work for me.

Thanks You

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