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uT not deleting torrent files...


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When I try to "remove & delete .torrent", it will be removed from my list, but not from my torrent folder.

Not sure when this started happening, since I only noticed today, that I had a ton of old torrents, in my torrent storage folder.

If I add a torrent, it goes into that folder, but uT will not delete from that folder.

And yes, uT is configured to *store* .torrents in that folder.

Strange... any ideas??


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It actually deleted a new torrent I added yesterday. But with any of my older ones, nothing. As I said, I'm not sure when this started, so I don't want to go through all my torrents, delete them, then redownload them.

Are there any settings in the Registry for uT, or is everything saved in the dat files in app data? I'd hate to do a clean reinstall, because I've tweaked uT, and this is the only problem.


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