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(win7) System Interrupts uses 40% CPU


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Ive noticed in performance monitor that the process "System Interrupts" is using 40% CPU when I use uTorrent (any version) with Outpost64 firewall - this is a Dual-Core laptop @ 1.6Ghz x 2 and 2Gb memory with Windows 7 64-bit

- is this normal behaviour? - I only noticed something was up as the cpu fan seems to be on all the time...

with firewall ON + uTorrent downloading @ 1.5MB/s = System Interrupts is 40% - overall system is about 55% with 100% Maximum Frequency

with firewall OFF + uTorrent downloading @ 1.5MB/s = System Interrupts is 20% - overall system is about 35% with 80% Maximum Frequency

when uTorrent stops its stops...

surely that cant be right usage??

can anyone shed any light on this? - it seems to be ONLY when uTorrent is downloading at 1.5MB/s that this process goes HAYWIRE - if utorrent is idle or uploading its fine.. as soon as data starts to come in thick & fast it goes for it


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bump teh post

same issues for me but a much harder.

Basically 100% CPU usage while downloading...

I have 6750 Core2Duo, 8GB RAM, working on 7x64 (wd raptor intalled) - so i cant say thats my pc is toally crap. uTorrent makes it laggin' a lot, 80%+ cpu usage.

The next issue is sound clicks and lags while plaing even simlpe mp3 with started uTorrent.

both issues disappered at alternate boot with win 2003, so i think it is not harware problem.

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your problem is driver issue... you need to disable your drivers one-by-one whilst replicating the problem to see which one causes it , most of times its an outdated wifi/network driver but I have seen some say that it was Audio Driver and Card Reader driver - I reverted to Win7 32-Bit and my problem is still there, nobody knows how to fix it, I think Windows 7 just doesnt like my hardware ,, one guy said its a bug in windows 7 ...?

sounds like yours may be the audio driver issue

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