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WebUI issue


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I have been trying to connect using WebUI for quite a while and am almost ready to give up in frustration.

here is my problem.. so I am running window 7, ut version 2.0 and a turbo G wireless router on my home computer. I was able to connect using my home connection by using http://localhost:port/gui

but recently all I get is "invalid request"

I have recently gotten a Droid phone and am trying to use a torrent app to connect to my utorrent with webUI. I think its called torrent-FU. again invalid request every time.

if all my settings are correct which I'm 99.99% sure they are, what is my problem. Is it my router or something else? I have searched the forums but none of the posts have seemed to help.

I would love to be able to use this feature, if anyone can help me figure out my problem I would be very grateful :)


Edit: Also, yes! the port I use is open :)

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