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µTorrent ignores stayed part files after disk drive error


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When by some reason disk drive letter unbinded and µTorrent was running, its' ask me to rehashing. I'm reassigning drive letter back, start rechecking files on this source as µTorrent client asks, but at the end of rehashing client deletes my part file that was in the dir of this torrent and then downloads all parts that I DON'T WANT to be downloaded, the ones files of the torrent that i was unchecked to download at the first download.

How to fix this? And is it quite normal, or is µTorrent removes my part files cause of new checksum is not equal to old that was in the part file name (just assumption), and in that way this is a sign of data degrading on my drive.

Thanks for any advice, since i'm using portable drive, and by some times the situation may reiterate in future.

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I'm using Normal prioritie for almost all of my files excluding some self-made seedings and torrents that are currently downloading.

If files are fully contained within a piece next to a file you DO want, you cannot avoid downloading them.

Back again. All torrents stopped by this error are marked with "Error: Invalid download state, try resuming".

Formulating all writen by me in shortest form:

The data directory at first stage (prior to resuming) contains only files that i've selected at first download and partfile.

At second stage (after resuming) µTorrent succefully checks files that was already downloaded, then deletes my partfile and downloading those that wasn't selected at first downloading.

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