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Sort by Completed On not working....


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In short, sorting things by their "Completed On" date is not working properly in 2.0.1 Beta.... (build 18758)

I recently reset my settings (had the same settings file since 1.8, and I wanted to reset some of the advanced options back to defaults) by deleting both the settings.dat and settings.dat.old.....now, when ever I sort items by the Completed On date, they initially sort normally, but about 3-4 minutes after I set it, leaving the program sit on its own, everything changes to sort by Name (alphabetical order). The change is 100% automatic, it just goes from completed on to name without me even touching the program. Even more interestingly, the Completed On section is still highlighted like it is being sorted by that, but everything is in alphabetical order, not sorted by the completed on date. I can then sort by (for example) Added On date and everything works fine, they sort by the date they were added and they stay like that.

After the bug changes sorting order and I select a new sort order, both (for example) Added On AND Completed On are highlighted (like they would be if I were using them as the sort order, but both of them are highlighted, not just one of them).

Anyone know of any known issues with this? It didn't happen until after I reset my settings but its preventing my from leaving items sorted by Completed On date......no matter how many times I select it, it reverts back to alphabetical without any user interaction within 3-4 minutes.

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I think I have some more information about this bug: it only appears to happen on first run (or after deleting settings.dat - I encountered it while troubleshooting another problem.)

I was unable to sort by any columns: initially the sort would work, but then after a few seconds, it would revert back to default sorting.

The arrow stayed in the last column I had clicked, but no column would stay sorted.

Sometimes it took up to 30 seconds for me, but Nagisan mentioned it took several minutes for him.

After closing utorrent, then reopening, all column sorting worked as expected - which is why not many people report the bug, and why it doesn't keep happening. (I imagine the reason that Nagisan hasn't replied is because the bug went away the next day)

I have been able to successfully replicate the bug by deleting settings.dat and running utorrent again: it always happens to all columns on first-run. So, theoretically, this effects all users on their first experience of utorrent, gotta wonder how many of them encounter the bug and switch clients.

It appears to be related to torrents becoming active, as every time the resorted it was when one of my torrents went from "downloading" to "active". That may be coincidental, but would explain why it took several minutes to revert for Nagisan

I hope this info helps utorrent developers fix the problem.

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just wanted to confirm that I too just noticed what appears to be this same bug running 2.0.1 build 19078 on the first launch after removing my old settings files.

I was attempting to sort by Status, and it did successfully sort, yet seemed to switch to alphabetical order all by itself within 15seconds, all without any action by me.

As mentioned before, only occurred on first launch with no previous settings.dat and fixed itself on second launch.

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