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utorrent locks up pc on download completion


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Hi guys new to the forums and I've been using utorrent for well over a year with no issues until I installed Windows 7 64bit.

My initial problem was that utorrent was locking up my machine all the time for no reason, but I found that my pc was putting my idle HDD's to sleep which was causing this lock up so I disabled the option and then utorrent worked fine and was able to download/upload successfully hurray!

Now however I have a new problem and that is the split second any download finishes my computer locks up completely (no mouse or keyboard input is recognised, any sound/music playing freezes or repeats) and I have to force restart. After I restart the computer and boot up utorrent again however it checks the completed download and then just uploads like it normally would with no problem whatsoever.

Can anyone shine some light on this problem at all?

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mine is doing something like that, 

after some random time period,

my mouse and keyboard input just no longer work,

everything on the screen is still refreshing and working properly 

but i cant type or move the mouse or control alt delete or nothing.

only thing ive done is set it that when i press the power button it restarts the pc

with it like that i was hoping that utorrent would do a graceful shutdown to avoid rechecking the 4tb of downloads

before, i had to hold the power button down untill the pc force shutdown, but now with it set to press to restart it works,

ive had to recheck about 6 600gb torrents about 4 times now...

waisted about 2 days

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