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Cant connect to peers (after forwarding ports)


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I think the scope of my problem is bigger than just uTorrent but I've scoured the internet for a couple weeks now and had no success so Im posting here because you guys seem the most knowledgeable.

I used to be able to use uTorrent without a problem but then suddenly I couldnt connect to any peers. I also cannot connect to any game servers such as Steam or things like the remote control app on my iphone (lets you control your itunes from your phone through wifi).

I don't believe its a router problem because other computers on my network do not have this problem (all of them are connected with a land line)

I have disable/uninstalled my firewall

I created a static IP then forwareded my ports

I restored my TCP defaults using these commands: netsh int ip reset reset.log & netsh winsock reset catalog

No idea what the problem could be. Any advice?

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why don't you try the program simple port forwarding it is easy and you can see if there is something wrong, real easy program.

it cofigures your router/modem just follow the easy instructions,even when you got modem and router behind it

just google it and you will find it its free and good.

the program is called{simple port forwarding}

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