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Error with files in use


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I know other people have had this problem, and there's no catch all solution for it.

I made sure windows 7 search isn't indexing the files (actually, any part of the external harddrive) that I'm downloading to. I don't know what else would be trying to access to the files, but I seem to be getting a lot of "Error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" errors.

In the FAQ it says

"The most common causes of this error are Google Desktop and MSN Desktop. A possible fix is turn off their indexing feature, or to uninstall them. Excluding the download folders from indexing should work.

WinZIP Quickfind, Roxio Media Manager and Nero Scout all yield the same behavior. They are installed by default when using their respective software and must be disabled uninstalled.

Viewing the folder in Explorer while downloading can occasionally trigger this error. The solution is to not view the folder until you're finished downloading."

I don't have google or MSN desktop installed, the windows search indexer isn't indexing these folders (I triple checked and rebooted) and I don't have any media player running that would try to index the files.

Any help?

EDIT: Added the "append .!ut" option and disabled realtime scanning in NOD32 for the folder. Will pop back in if issue occurs again.

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