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Torrent won't download. [HELP Please]


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I'm new to this Forum, well pretty obvious. I just need help about my uTorrent. In this past few days, my torrent don't have any speed and won't download. First I thought it was my computer problem but when I go to tuition and meet one of my friend, my friend ask me whether I can download my torrents or not. Of course I say no and he says the same thing and tell me that his other friend also can't download. We all using the same torrent client but it is the same as other torrent client he use and I use. When I see the trackers, all of it was stated "offline (timed out)" I keep on Update Tracker but it won't work. No connection open and can't download even the latest torrent that I want to download which has like 2000+ seeders and don't even have speed and can't download. Our country is Brunei. Do you guys having the same problem too ? Or just us? But I wonder why us in Brunei can't download ? :(

If you guys out there have any solutioN to this, please do reply and help me and my friends. Thank you.

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