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Utorent causes internet to disconnect


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Whenever I am downloading a torrent file, the internet disconnects (wireless) after a couple of minutes to all devices. I have to switch off and on my router. This problem has started from exactly last week. I am using a belkin router. I called the support and updated the firmware, but still nothing!

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Belkin routers are very, very crappy and will die with a small number of connections.

You can either a) get a better router or B) try to reduce uTorrent's connections to make it cope. Reduce max connections to 150, turn off "enable bandwidth management", turn off DHT.

I do suggest getting a better router, though.

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Dear Switeck,

I just upgreaded to the latest MAC utorrent client (18821) and the same problem appeared.

When I try to donwload something with the utorrent after a few minutes my connection is broken,

I can't download or upload anything until I close the utorrent client and reconnect to my router.

Before that update I never experienced same problem, sometimes I run the client more than one day...



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