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Move .torrents of finished jobs to...?


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That is what I figured, but so far in practice nothing happens...

I have specified the folder to move them to. I've set the torrents to seed to 150% and then to stop... ...but no .torrent files are moved.

Maybe I'm not understanding what a completed torrent is?

I am assuming that when there is that green check mark to the left of the torrent, that means it is complete. ...am I understanding correctly?

Thanks for the reply...

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Yes, these are torrents that were started after I changed the settings.

I just looked in the folder that they were to be moved to on completion and I do see them there. So I guess the problem was that I didn't understand what to expect because there is also a copy of the torrent file still in the original folder where they were placed when I started the download.

I was expecting the original to be moved, not a copy, to the completed torrents folder.

So I guess after all that I do have one more question.

Why is there a need for 3 folders and 2 copies of the .torrent files?

There is the folder to store .torrent files, the folder to move completed .torrent files to and the folder for auto loading .torrent files.

Thanks for your help.

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I have one machine on my network setup to run uTorrent and the torrents and downloads are stored on a NAS device.

When I find a download I want when I am on a different machine I simply download the .torrent file to the autoload folder and uTorrent takes care of it, which is wonderful. I do find that once in a while I have to go tidy up the autoload folder.

During this thread I have discovered that the "move completed .torrents to" is in fact working, but it is more like "copy completed torrents to" because the original file is still in the autoload folder. Could it seem this way because .torrent files in the autoload folder are renamed to .loaded?

Also, if I am using the autoload folder, is it still necessary to specify a location for the "Store .torrent files in" folder. It seems to be not needed.

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Thank you for the information. I looked at that option but was a little nervous because it said "Delete torrent instead of renaming, when loading" and didn't know what would happen if I had to shutdown the program. I was afraid I would lose the .torrent.

Thank you for all the assistance.

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