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Name the torrents after its *.torrent name


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Hello fellows.

I have downloaded, say 1000 torrents, whose *.torrent files I've named manually to match the name I'd like to save them when added to uTorrent.

For example I downloaded a torrent called:


And named it as:

Metallica - 1986 - Master Of Puppets.torrent

But when adding it to the uTorrent it takes the name defined in the "name(B)" field that I can edit with BEncode Editor 0.7.1. But I can only edit one torrent name per time (so that would be like renaming again the 1000 files). Is there any option in BEncode Editor (or with another program) to do a mass rename on the field name(B) of several torrent files, or even better to match the destination folder name to the *.torrent file (so I'd not need to do anything more)?

Thanks so much in advance.

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