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Main download doesn't seem to match Thread download


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For some reason, Google Chrome doesn't download utorrent from the main page using the big download button.

Internet Explorer 8 does, however, the file it downloads returns the message: This is not a valid Win-32 application.

Then, when I navigated to the changelog, which got me to a thread on the forums, the link available there for utorrent 2.0 stable did download a proper installer.

Just a note, it might be a problem on my side, but it might also be on your side.

Edit: Version confirmation. It is the latest version as utorrent does not report any new version via the update option. Beta checking not enabled.

Edit 2: The website seemed to be updated, I have full functionality using Google Chrome. Whether the problem was on my side or yours, it is fixed now as I can properly install the client.

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