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Ok, i dont know why but im having some serious problems finding the path of the destination folder.

at first, when i used torrents the destination path was .. well... simply just the map ''downloads''. stationed in my personal documents.

2nd, it once happened that when i opened like 30 torrents at once, some were using another destination folder ( found out later )

conclusion, half of the files were put in ''downloads''(folder), others were put in some map.. that... should be somewhere around.

ive tried to open the map utorrent in C,windows, ... but when i open that map i only see the .exe lol..

so what im guessing is that theres another sort of... standard back up destination folder within or around utorrent.. that i cant find any longer.

the worst part is that i cant use my Search option within windows to look for the episodes and thus finding this alternative destination folder. cuz.. well it simply doesnt open LOL.

ive seen this alternative destination folder... just cant find it anymore.

any ideas? lol

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