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Transferring torrents from a PC to Mac


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I've been a long-time uTorrent user on PC -- since the first release, I think -- and I've got a couple dozen active torrents I don't want to get rid of just yet. If/when I switch to uTorrent on Mac, is there any way at all to import some or all of those torrents, ideally with their stats, into the Mac client from the Windows one without doing it manually?

One obvious problem is that all of the file paths would be different, but I wouldn't mind going through each one and relocating them.

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did you keep torrent files ?? if so, you must have something like.: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.torrent.imported,

move this file to your mac...

delete .imported, you will be prompted to allow to change extension to .torrent, say yes....

now open µtorrent mac....

select file>open find your torrent.. that is all !!!

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