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RSS Downloader: Problems with not downloading or always downloading


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For some reason I can't get the "minimum interval" to work correctly. If I set to "match always", it we keep downloading the same show after I delete it. If I set to "12 hours", then it won't download for 12 hours.

f I set to "match only once", I notice it isn't downloading at all...or maybe I haven't waited long enough, but it has been 2 days. Also, there appears to be the numbers "[33/9]" appended to the torrent name. When I look at the history of the feed, the date of the torrent non-episode is not listed, therefore I know it hasn't been previously downloaded.

What's wrong, and how do I fix it so the torrent is download when immediately available, and after I'm done watching it and deleting it, the RSS Downloader will not try to re-download?



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