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'Automatically load .torrents from' not working


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Hey all,

I'm having issues with the 'automatically load .torrents from' function.

Automatically load is ticked, deleted load.torrents is not ticked.

Path is 'E:\Torrents\torrentFiles\Autoload'

Copying a .torrent file into this folder does not work.

Tried closing/opening utorrent, nothing.

Tried closing/opening utorrent as administrator (this is on Vista), nothing.

Version is 2.0.1 Beta (18408 build)

I've confirmed the .torrent file is valid and works. I've also tried other torrent files, no avail.

Any ideas?

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I can easily imagine why: probably the same reason there needed to be a limit for showing the Add New Torrent dialog when a bunch of files are drag-and-dropped onto the window. If indeed that were the reason, then I suppose it should also detect the number of new torrents and the number of dialogs already open before unilaterally deciding to add without asking.

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