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Need a way to easily change between configurations.


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I think a request for something like this has been made but, I'd be happy just knowing how to change the configuration file. Basically I use two proxies (or rather one proxy that I sometimes use a pay version of) as well as an unrestricted network. For each of these in order to maximize performance I need to change settings for max streams, max download/upload, and of course whether the proxy is on or not. I don't have the time or the patience to change these settings twice a day so I was hoping to find a solution to easily change my settings. I'm assuming all the settings are stored in the profile folder, if not I can probably figure out a registry system as well. The main thing I need for now is to know where the settings are stored and what the syntax of those settings is. Once I know that I can formulate a method to easily change the settings.

Of course, if you want to just add an easier way into the GUI of uTorrent that would be much simpler. Also if anyone has already done something like this or knows of a program that will change my settings for me (and work under wine) that would also be much appreciated.

If the admins deem this post as being in the wrong forum then please don't hesitate to move it, I just ask to you send me a message if you do. (I really wasn't sure what to post this under but, I figured it has to do with my speed).

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