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Delayed start


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It would be great if i could make delayed start of paused torrents for 10 ... 60 min or more.

Description of problem:

I have internet connection with 2 zones: local and world. Local zone - high speed, world - limited. I think, it's usual practice.

When I download from world's torrents, I cann't serf web, because channel is busy by torrents. Serfing is very slowly and uncomfortable. Yes, I can limit speed, but ...when I download from world's torrents, i found local seeders sometimes, so speed from world torrent becames high and I don't want reduce it.

Usually I pause torrent, then serf web for my needs, and then start torrent. But! Always I forget to start torrent after pause, so uTorrent waste time. It's so sad, especially if i go to sleep and forget to start torrent.

My proposition:

to make item in context menu of torrent: delayed start with list: like 10 min, 15 min, 30 min....

like this:


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