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Sudden Change in Download Speeds


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Hi Everyone,

I recently upgraded to a new ISP, Bell on their new fibe network, 25mbit line. its their best.

for weeks after, my speeds were up to 2mb/s which is pretty damn good, i know. but in the last few days, i cant seem to get past 100-200kb/s. i know my speed shouldnt be like this

I'm running a Win7 64bit. 4GB, dual core. network is clean, no firewalls or AV, I am DMZed on the router/modem from bell. virus/malware free.

any changes i can think of include switching to 2.0.1, and installing a fresh copy of Win7 Ultimate. i tried going back to 2.0.0, and even 1.8.5, but all seem to give me the same result. i went through the last 10 pages here and tried everything, but no dice.

I always have about 50 torrents D/Ling, all in excess of 1GB, up to 20GB, but it hasnt slowed me down before.

disabling bandwidth management helped a little, so now i can reach up to 250kb/s, but this isnt what im paying 80 bucks a month for.

all torrents have good numbers of seeds/peers, many of those torrents i was DLing before Win7 reinstall, but they seem to have gotten slower on my new copy.

tried it with torrents such as ubuntu, etc, with a strong seed, but still same result.

I was wondering if anyone can think of something I could try, or undo that might fix this problem for me. I might end up reinstalling windows again to see if it was an installation error

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