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RSS Downloader - Saves to Wrong Directory (sometimes ....)


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Good day all,

I was browsing through and didn't find a recent answer to this so I hope I am not double posting here.

ISSUE: uTorrent 2.0 (build 18488) also did this with v 1.8 (about the time I learned how to do this procedure)

I have approx. 30 items set to automatically download from on RSS feed. All my downloads are sent to different directories. When creating the RSS Download I simply use the ADD feature that copies the last one I have used, then I change all the appropirate data for the new set of files. For some odd reason, one particular directory steals my downloads, and it was a copy just like the first few I did and tested to make sure the autodownloads were getting the data I required.

Cheesy Visual ...

File A to Diretory A - works


File B to Directory B - good

copy setings from file A again

File C to Directory B - huh??? - even though the settings under the RSS Downloader setup cleary shows it should go to Directory C

Anyone else seen this and or know how to fix it?

I'll admit, I know my way around code a little bit to read it, and I found the file that contains all the settings .. and even in there it does not show why uTorrent sends these files to another directory. I also run NO additional software or odd settings after or before it is downloaded. It's like I run a fresh install or uTorrent and added the RSS Feed nothing else changed.

Thank you for your time, I hope this isn't over or under detailed.


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