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Torrents not downloading correctly (Plus Queuing problems)


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Hey guys,

This is my first post, so if it's in the wrong section or something else is wrong, please tell me or have a mod move it. Thanks.

I have had this problem with uTorrent for around two to three months. When I open uTorrent, I see all the torrents I'm downloading. But I have the Queuing set so that I only download one torrent at a time. Yet, uTorrent still tries to download more than one, in fact, it tries to download (nearly) all of them. I have tried to stop the torrents, and that worked, but it doesn't help me any, since I need to download them (duh).

Another problem I'm having is my connection. All of my torrents show absolutely no seeds, and I know that's not right. It does show the peers, but not the amount of seeds (they're all at 0(0)). I have tried port forward with no luck. It also shows there are no incoming connections right now, but it has been a Green Check Mark, and I still wasn't able to download anything.

My connection is a 200kb/s dl speed, modem behind a password protected router. I'm connected to the internet, I know this because I have no problems opening any web pages.

If anyone has any suggestions or a solution to this, I would greatly appreciate it.



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