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max number of connected peers per torrent < my specified number


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As my subject says, the connected peers is always lesser than the number i set myself. And it not less by 4 or 5 but more than 20 often. Since i start using utorrent this "thing" existed already.

For example, I would set my max number to 150. And my torrent always connect to like 80 to 100 peers out of like 900. And connect to 7 or 8 seed out of 40 seeds. Some of u may say the total peers and seed report might not be exact or true but even for popular torrents it's still the same. Connect to 10 seeds out of 100 and 20 peers out of 10000 ? something must be wrong.

And also tell me why when I change my max number to like 200, the peers and seeds connected will increase again and decrease when i change max number back to 150. But the total connected peers will nv come close to what my max number set.

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