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download destination HD goes AWOL in middle of DL


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I've been using uTorrent on XP SP3 with no problems since it first came out. Now, with this latest v., partway through a download it pops up an error that it cannot find the destination directory. Before that, I can notice a 'disk overloaded' message at the bottom of the UI, a message that comes and goes.

I have it set to download to h:/TORRENTS - h being one of 4 partitions on my second non-boot drive. This has always worked fine before.

http://henerey.com/partitions.jpg is a composite snap illustrating the problem. On top you can see the normal XP view of my two HDs as they appear in ComputerManagement/DiskManagement. On the bottom is what shows after the uTorrent error, the whole second HD is missing! After I reboot the computer everything is back to normal.

Oops, now I see there's a later version uTorrent 2.0.1 Beta 18786. I'll try that.

Nope, same thing with 2.0.1 Beta 18786 - Error: the system cannot find the file specified

- missing HD - reboot fixes

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