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"Limit local peer bandwidth" not working


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...or, rather, it's working far too well. When I click on "Limit local peer bandwidth", my upload and download speeds drop to 0.

I am testing out uTorrent (2.0 build 18488) using a SOCKS5 proxy and port tunnel. This is working well, and I can indeed receive inbound connections through the tunnel as well as form outbound connections through the SOCKS5 proxy.

Because of this arrangement, ALL my peers appear to be "local", which is why I noticed this bug. It seems as though "Limit local peer bandwidth" limits them right down to nothing, which in my case means no transfer whatsoever.

If I switch "Limit local peer bandwidth" off, then torrents download and upload just fine, but it ends up saturating my ISP bandwidth since it's not limited. My ISP doesn't throttle, fortunately, but it does make my other surfing slow.

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