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Can't download Torrents from firefox browser


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I try to download torrents using 2.0 and FF 3.6.2

It says:

you have chosen to open


which is a: FrostWire Torrent

from http://blah.blah.com

What should Firefox do with this fileÉ

Open with ûtorrent (default)

OK...I had frostwire at one point, deleted it but firefox thinks all torrents are frostwire torrents and now I can`t download anything. I can't figure out what's going on here but I think that utorrent is somehow not the default program to handle torrents but I can't figure out how to fix this. Under firefox tools/options/applications it lists the content type as Frostwire torrents and the action is to use utorrent (default). I can't get rid of the frostwire torrent content type and I think that may be the issue.

Any ideas on what they problem is?

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You have to change the file association of .torrent files in your OS.

Right click on a random .torrent file and select "Open with..." then choose utorrent.exe.

After that Firefox should associate .torrent file to the application uTorrent.

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I think I have a related problem - I try to download a .torrent file through Firefox and it fails, as "xyz.torrent could bnot be opened because related helper application does not exist". I've reset file associations as Moogly suggests (several times) but am at a loss to know what to do. This all started when I installed Chrome, and Chrome changed all my file associations for torrent files to itself. Ha, can't be doing with that sort of malarkey so uninstalled Chrome pdq.

Using XP pro SP3, uT 1.7.7 and Firefox 3.6.3 (the torrent provider site recommends 1.7.7)

Humble apologies if this is answered elsewhere, I have been looking through pages of stuff, searched MS for "helper application" and don't know where else to try. Any help will be much appreciated.

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