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Retention of IP's by the tracker

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Hi All,

Did not know ,on which discussion topic to post this on, So I am posting it here.

Any information regarding this would be helpful.

Tracker responds back with a set of IP address that it has stored for a particular swarm.

I would like to know,

How long would a client's IP address be stored by the tracker,

even after the client has left the swarm.

So, After 30 minutes ,if my client does not respond back to the tracker

- How does the tracker know that my client has left the swarm,

+ Does the client inform the tracker ,that it is leaving the swarm, in that case which BT message is sent.

+ Does the tracker do a periodic cleanup by removing IP's from its list for which it has not received

any updates or keepalives.

Any information in this regard would be useful.

Thanks a lot guys in advance for the information.


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