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bt.transp_disposition & compatibility


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Until today, my uTorrent 1.8.5 was set to [bt.transp_disposition = 13] (it came that way) but at that setting, peers using uTorrent 2.0 had difficulties connecting and communicating with me.

So, I set [bt.transp_disposition = 15] and it seems the connection problem has solved. However, i'm not sure communication has improved because the transfer rate is still below 1 ko/s with those peers.

So, I set [bt.transp_disposition = 16] but the only difference I see (compare to 15) is a more frequent transfer (still below 1 ko/s) with those peers.

I dont know what is the impact of those settings on peers using uTorrent 1.8.5 because none were connected to me when I tested it but I can tell that Azureus kept the same good behavior during all those switchings.

Could you please tell me what setting I should use to keep compatibility with everybody.

I need to keep using 1.8.5 because 2.0 is too hard on my very low bandwidth (dial connection).


Documentation tells this:

bt.transp_disposition: This option controls µTorrent's level of bias towards using TCP or uTP for transporting data (assuming the peer at the other end of the connection supports both transport protocols). The following is a list of the accepted values:

1 allows µTorrent to attempt outgoing TCP connections

2 allows µTorrent to attempt outgoing uTP connections

4 allows µTorrent to accept incoming TCP connections

8 allows µTorrent to accept incoming uTP connections

16 tells µTorrent to use the new uTP header. This is an improved communication header, but is not backwards compatible with clients that do not understand it.

This option is interpreted as a bitfield, so values can be added together to obtain a combination of behaviors.

Setting this value to 255 guarantees that all behaviors are enabled.


One more question:

Many peers (but not all...I think) using uTorrent 2.0 show [uTP] at the end of their IP.

Does it means that their bt.transp_disposition is set to 16?


Among the peers presently connected to me, I have:

* 1 uTorrent 2.0 peer that don't show this [uTP]

* 1 uTorrent 1.8.5 peer that show this [uTP]. Yesterday, this same peer didn't have this [uTP] and I could download from him but not today (I tried all settings).

So, it's probably bt.transp_disposition set to 16 that show this [uTP] at the end of the IP.


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v1.8.5 is probably not compatible with the new header, so adding 16 to bt.transp_disposition's old value of 13 or 15 *WILL NOT WORK*!

Best bet is to avoid uTP peers/seeds entirely with v1.8.5 by setting bt.transp_disposition to 5 ...or upgrading to v2.0.1 (release candidate 1 at the moment) to use uTP.

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Thank's everybody.

I did set it to 15 and it seems to work with everybody including those displaying [uTP]. I just need more time to see better on crowded torrents which I am not right now.

However, it did not work until I reboot.

May be just restarting the prog is ok but I needed to reboot anyways so...

Of course I will upgrade later when I will get a faster connection AND if the banning campaign ends.

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Finally, I get this:

With [bt.transp_disposition = 15] on my uTorrent 1.8.5, I can CONNECT with everybody but TRANSFERT is extremely limited with those displaying [uTP].

By "extremely limited" I mean very occasional and below 0.5 kb/s...

This is probably just some sort of communication data.

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Yes Sir...

It's now set to 5... with much better results.

Thank's for the good advice.

BUT THEN, I HAVE ONE IMPORTANT QUESTION regarding uTorrent 2.0 with [bt.transp_disposition = 5]:

Will it be as hard on the bandwidth as when using uTP or will it be as easy as uTorrent 1.8.5 ?

I'm stuck with a dial up connection so that's important in my case... and I would be pleased to upgrade if I don't have to pay with the bandwidth...

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It's 56k dial up modem... Please don't smile!

In good conditions, i get a huge 5 kb/s so... NO room for wasting bandwidth!

Yes I know uTP can be disabled in uTorrent v2.x just the same as in v1.8.5 and this is what I would like to do.

But this would be good for me ONLY if uTorrent v2.x (with uTP disabled) becomes more efficient than uTorrent v2.x (with uTP enabled) because my bandwidth is already very low... as I said.

So this is the question I must answer before I decide to upgrade:

By disabling uTP on uTorrent 2.0, will it become easier on the bandwidth than when uTP is enabled?

And if yes then, will it be comparable to uTorrent 1.8.5 ?

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LOL... how can someone torrent at those speeds, that takes skill, anyways on topic i dislike uTP only gives me problems setting it to 5 is a good idea, i also disable network overhead calculations so it ignored the overhead in the speed limit =)

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<<uTorrent v2.0 and v2.0.1 should work as fast or faster than v1.8.5 if you have uTP disabled.>>

Good news! I should then upgrade right away...

<<LOL... how can someone torrent at those speeds, that takes skill>>

Skill? NO but it takes a lot of patience and no need to make a phone call...

However, huge bandwidth is not a guarantee of success and I had the proof last week when I downloaded a badly seeded torrent with 3 other fiber optic leeches who apparently could not communicate each other...

But on my side, I could communicate with all of them so the end result was that I downloaded at my full speed (5 kb/s) and finished before them. On their side, they were limited to my max upload speed (2 kb/s) which they also had to share among the 3 of them.

After I was finished, I stopped every download, set my upload speed to 3 (to get in saturation state) and started seeding those FAST guys one at a time (by using ipfilter) at the speed of 2.6 kb/s... and they finally got the file...some days later.

That is the joke of the day!

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Yes I know but in some circumstances, this setting seems to be inappropriate: For example, when it is overcrowded (several hundred or thousand peers) or on week ends when more peers have the front door WIDE open and the back door ALMOST closed.

Unless it is very well seeded like the one I am downloading (47 seeds, 2 leeches), I end up better if I set it up to more than 5 peers (10 to 20) and I can still get close to my max speed.

However, it's never a good idea to navigate while I download because the impact is immediate.

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