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µTorrent 1.4.2 Build 428 Beta, not obeying upload limit


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just an odd thing : I test the limiter with a big local torrent for local transfers from local utorrent seeder to local client ( ABC leecher ) @ different rates from 512 than 256 kbs than 128, 56 kbs + internet transfer with utorrent leeching with seed set to 10 ko/s

I play with the torrent limiter and priority and it was fine with no overalll limiter set.

( my main idea was that traffic limiter is wrong and I first test it to see how bad was the idea of capping rates for the swarn : btw another way to fake traffic is tunneling ... so consider PLEASE to implement only GOOD features for COOPERATIVE SHARE and FORGET any bad moron option that not only hurt leechers... but will also kill your code ! )

( of course HIGH UPLOADERS should SHARE with poor leechers it is sharing no ;-)

it appears both traffics are generating strange behaviours when general upload is not set to 0 ( it is ok with ) and then capped to 512 256 100 50 and so on even with seed @ high proority and leech @ low the general upload force the seeder to go far above the limit. (even with a limit set far over the real traffic )

When general seeding limit is set back to 0 the seed works fine and local traffic raise again.... same with superseeding mode with a more drastic hang under limit set.

the overall reported transfers rates are strangely going down and up even when the transfer rate stay stable.

Perhaps due to the local nature of some transfers not going to TCP bridge ?

Btw i want to make a short call to 1c3d0g because he closes my precedent post faster than light without giving me a chance to let him know that i FIRST read most of the posts from a short general search with basic key search words (not including the 'effective' one alas ) ( it was very noisy due to the noisy nature of some posts ) than SECOND i limit my search to FOUND BUGS FORUM ( next time i will go straight to another one ...) and found no relevant posts concerning my question ( with my poor skill i stupidily use for key words the 'name' of the option and the word 'do not download' 'skip' ... bad luck ) so FINALLY i submit a brief report.

Of course i understand you can be upset by morons but consider the noise and don't close the mouth of the dog so quickly ;-)

{ i've got no hash fails ... uh }

FINALLY Thanks for your AMAZING good work :-)

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Yeah.. I have the same issue, occasionally spiking from the original global upload setting of 40 kB/s to 46.1~47.2 kB/s, when I have multiple torrents running. Not really bad, considering with any other BT program I never could seem to go past 40 kB/s.

Be very very carefull not setting the upload limit to high.

First, you need upload capacity to download. You don't need a lot, but, if your upstream is saturated, the delays for the achknowledgements for the downloadtraffic will become too long and download speed suffers.

But, more importantly, uTorrent seems to have problems uploading at/near max speeds (if there is nothing to download for example) and uploadspeeds will drop and jump up very violently producing a zig-zag pattern. If the uploadspeed is properly set, you should see almost a straight line, with a very occasional, small, drop.

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It's not really that it has problems, it's that it shows you exactly how it gets sent out. You'll find the same phenomenom when looking at the networking tab in the task manager, and probably netlimiter's display too. It's just not smooth in reality when uncapped. (even when capped it's still not perfectly smooth)

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Still, when I see up- and down-spikes, I take it that the sign some buffers get full (the spike) and the drop resembling when they are full/get emptied by Windows. While it may resemble how uTorrent is sending data to Windows, I don't think it is the same what actually gets put on the line (unless it is buffered somewhere else such as a router/modem).

Feature Request: A third and fourth line that show average bandwidth?

PS: My uploadline really is rather straight. Max deviation is 0.6KB/s @ 40KB/s.

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