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i'm not sure if this issue is a know bug or not. i had utorrent once before and it seemed to work fine.for some dumb reason i can't even remember i deleted it.then when i choose d/l it again i have screen resolution problems every time i open utorrent,i fix that through display settings then when i try to search in utorrent search box the same thing happens.this has become very annoying.does anyone know of a solution to this problem?is there some type of setting i must use?as i said before this didn't happen with the first version i had which was sometime in oct 09.i have even tried an older version of it same result.i tried bittorrent for a week,it does not have the same issue but i have another annoying issue with security pop ups when i use that.all i can use now is limewire with absolutely no such issues.problem is i am a huge fan of isohunt and i would like to seed to all seeders who seed for me not just limewire.please help

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