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I loose internet access whenever I use for more than 30min


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I've got win7 ultimate x64, and whenever I try downloading running uTorrent (to dl stuff), I loose internet connection after like 15-30 mins.

It didn't used to be like this. I used to be running x32, and before that XP x64, and before that win7 ultimate x64 again, and I didn't have any problems.

I didn't even have any problems with my current install until like a week ago when my internet conn would just cut randomly, and I figured out that it's uTorrent.

Could it be one of the torrents that I'm downloading that's causing this issue? Am I overloading the bandwidth, and would that cause the disconn (I have all dls paused except for 2, and I have verizon fios, and my desktop is connected via 100mb/s LAN)?

What exactly is going on, and what should I do?

Should I start eliminating torrents that I'm downloading until it stops disconning me (I only have like 4-5 running)?

Thanks in advance, guys,


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I have been having this same exact problem with 2.X but not with 1.8 this also affects vista & windows 7 but not XP, what it is actually doing is slowing down your internet connection to the point it halts.

It seems to be a software issue, but the modem, everytime I use utorrent I get UDP flooding on the modems firewall coming in, so it my be an ISP's way of blocking, but who knows yet thats as far as I have worked out.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

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