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uTorrent not seeding properly?


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I think I am having trouble seeding my torrents. I say 'I think' because I obviously cant download my own torrent so cannot tell if my seeding is working properly or not. I no it sounds silly but I've had people comment that its not seeding, but I am. I also uploaded it properly as I followed all the guides etc.

**My ports are open, finally

**There isn't a firewall issue as far as I no

** I can download fine, at a decent speed sometimes too

The arrow is green and the upload speed is working but it still says '0' seeds.

This is one of my torrents:


And this is what the general tab says:

STATUS : seeding

WASTED : 0 B (0 hashfails)

SEEDS : 0 of 1 connected (1 in swarm)

PEERS : 13 of 27 connected (16 in swarm)

Is this correct? Am I seeding properly? Could someone maybe try & download it and tell me what happens?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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