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Queries from a Torrent novice !!!


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Hi everybody !!

I am a novice in Torrent. I have downloaded "uTorrent 2.0" from your site and installed it on my PC.

(1) I was trying to estimate the max upload speed using OPTIONS --> SETUP GUIDE. Inside the pop-up window, there is a provision to select uTorrent servers. My nearest uTorrent server is Greece, but RUNTEST is failing if I select Greece or London or Paris. But, it is successful if I select NEW YORK #2. Is it okay to use RUNTEST with the New York #2 Server ??

(2) Is it possible to pause and then resume uTorrent downloads on the next day ?? Shall I have to remain connected to uTorrent UNTIL the download is complete ??

(3) I was searching for an old free video clip through Google Search. The result was shown with tags SEED = 0 LEECH = 0. Does that mean the video is NOT DOWNLOADABLE ???

Please remove my doubts.

With best wishes & warm regards,

** tuki2pori **

(Apr 02, 2010)

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