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**UPDATE** uTorrent Notifier has reached version New features include Growl, Twitter and Boxcar notifications. Download it at https://github.com/downloads/ejholmes/uTorrent-Notifier/setup.exe and enjoy!




* Fixed bug that was causing the boxcar API key to not be saved on exit.

* Other minor enhancements.



* Added Growl, Twitter and Boxcar notifications

* New icon

* Fixed bug that was asking a user to upgrade even if they're version was more

up to date than the suggested version

* Made significant improvements to core code.



* Changed systray icon

* Settings are now upgrade from the last version when a user upgrades

Hello all,

I'm currently developing a simple utorrent notifier to notify you of added torrents and completed downloads as well as offering prowl support so you can be notified on your phone.

I run utorrent on a dedicated media center and always wanted a consistent way to be notified of when downloads complete. I originally used uGrowl + Growl + Prowl forwarding but this is bulky and uGrowl has some major issues. So, I've decided to roll my own solution and wanted to let the uTorrent community know.

If you think you will find this useful head over to http://ejholmes.github.com/uTorrent-Notifier/ and download the current alpha version. Keep in mind there will be bugs and if you find any please put in a ticket at http://github.com/ejholmes/uTorrent-Notifier/issues.



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