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Incorrect ratio: reads much too high


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Sometimes the upload ratio increases at an absurd rate. E.g., I'm now seeding a 10GB collection; upload speed shows about 30 kB/sec, but it's logging a full upload every few minutes.

This seems to happen mainly when I re-seed a saved torrent after deleting it from the active uTorrent window. I just double-click on the torrent file, and it starts uploading. Is this the wrong procedure?



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Aha - you seem to have found the problem. Under the "Transfer" heading, Downloaded = 1.00MB. Apparently, I have failed to seed properly. Would appreciate advice on how to do it right.

When I download a new torrent, I leave it seeded until 2X has uploaded. If it's a torrent with few seeds, I leave the download and the .torrent file in the original download folder. Then when there's spare bandwidth, I double-click on the .torrent file, which starts it going again. Is there a better way?

Thanks for this assistance in helping to keep the files flowing.


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