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Utorrent blocks websurfing (nothing else)


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Hey, I know this is a comon problem but i think my issue is a bit diffrent to the comon problem.

Utorrent works fine, it downloads fast, I have used the speed guide and set slots upload limit etc for the connection i have. Port is farwarded on router and a green light on test. Everything works perfectly in my appartment but when I'm at my parents house (i have changed settings accordingly to their connection) whenever i've had utorrent on for a while it blocks all websurfing, but spotify works fine playing music even when i cant surf. If I just close utorrent i can surf again..

I had this issue before and that time i just lowered half open connections and total number of connecitons, I've tried that again but with no luck. I've set half open to 4 and total to 200 which i think is pretty low but its still f***ed.

Since this only happens at my parents house i think its the router but I dont know what to do about it.

I have windows vista premium 32 bit.

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Netgear MR814 v3

Edit: I've now noticed that this only seems to happen oddly enough while I'm downloading something, I've set a limit on download to 50 kb under the top speed I've had, let's see if that fixes the problem.

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